About SLCORSnet Technology

Sri Lanka Continuously Operating Reference Station Network (SLCORSnet) comprises of physical GNSS reference stations at remote designated locations that transmit the collected GNSS raw data live to the Control Centre based in Colombo at the Survey Generals Office. This raw data is processed using a GNSS network processing software housed at the Control Centre which then will be transmitted to the users in the field over the internet based on their geographic location in the form of RTCM corrections. Online delivery of RINEX raw data and online post-processing services are provided as real-time web services from the SLCORSnet. Once, registered under SLCORSnet and once you have purchased these services, you are allowed to use these services freely during the subscription period.

What SLCORSnet provides ?

  • Provides real-time GNSS corrections to any industry that needs centi-meter level real-time positioning accuracy using widely known correction methods such as VRS, FKP or MAC.
  • Also provides live-streaming of DATUM transformation parameters coupled with standard RTCM
  • Provides GNSS Raw data within the network in RINEX or Virtual RINEX formats for any physical reference station or virtual point on the grid
  • Provides real-time on-line based fully autonomous GNSS post processing service
  • Provides real-time monitoring for all your active GNSS peripherals in the field as long as its connected to the SLCORSnet

Coverage of SLCORSnet

Currently it is the Western province and the surrounding areas as it is the phase one. Once completed, the network will cover the entire island and the nearby sea for any hydrographic surveys.

Who will be benefiting from this ?

Anyone who needs real-time cm level GNSS positioning. In general, industry sectors are land survey, construction, sewage, water supply, utilities, transportation, structural monitoring services, disaster management, disaster prevention and monitoring, logistics,  and any sector that requires high accuracy GNSS positioning.

  • Avoids the use of a local GNSS base station for real time corrections
  • Avoids base stations being setup on known points for control surveys due to the availability of RINEX raw data online delivery and online post processing services.
  • Fast, accurate and reliable
  • Exended range and coverage than a localized system
  • Also provides coverage over ocean belt closer to the coast for hydrographic surveys
  • Everything above leads to significantly lower investment on hardware from user side, less time being spent on the field, less hardware to carry around , increased efficiency, productivity and finally profitability.

Who has the ownership of SLCORSnet ?

Survey Department of Sri Lanka owns the network and the services it provides.

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