Online-RINEX Delivery: GNWEB:

SLCORSnet Geo++® GNWEB is an internet client application for the online provision of RINEX & Virtual RINEX from the SLCORSnet reference station network.

GNWEB offers internet users the opportunity to generate RINEX data for each provided GNSS reference station individually or virtual RINEX data for a user defined position to reduce distance dependent GNSS error sources. The user receives a report of the data availability and thus can check the suitability of the data prior to the actual download. The data requested by users are provided on the GNWEB server for a certain time period for download.

Below are some of the key features of this service:

  • station selection (from listbox or map)
    • different station presentations
    • simultaneous selection of several stations
    • substantial station information
    • station selection via a catch radius
  • free position selection
    • generation of virtual RINEX data for this position based on SSR data
  • selectable start and end time as well as duration
  • availability interrogation for existing station based RINEX data
  • hour, day and session files
  • selectable file extensions: RXO, yyO
  • selectable compression (compact/compressed) and archival storage (ZIP)
  • job management

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