The rates applicable including all taxes for the use of SLCORSnet are as below;

Subscription Length Network RTK Corrections ** (Per GNSS Receiver)
1 Day (24 Hours) 2,000.00 LKR
7 Days (1 week) 10,000.00 LKR
30 Days (1 Month) 30,000.00 LKR
365 Days (1 Year) 360,000.00 LKR


**The SLCORSnet offers the services as listed in the table above and the service level only differs with time as seen above. The Users who purchase 1 day or 7 days subscriptions will be entitled to only use the Network RTK correction streams at cm level accuracy with unlimited access to all available streams (VRS, FKP. MAC, etc). Users who purchase 30 days or 1 year subscriptions will receive free access to GNWEB service and SSRPOST service for the same period of time.    

Please kindly note, the Payment needs to be made to the Department of Survey’s official bank account which will be displayed for your information when you request for a service within your account. The Bank details will be shown on a window as you request for the service and click on the “Proceed” button. Please make sure that you clearly copy this bank account data by screenshot or writing it down as this information will not be emailed or displayed anywhere else in the website.

Payment method: As of now, all users are requested to directly deposit cash into the Department of Survey’s Bank account and email or fax the Bank cash deposit slip to the SLCORSnet admin. You may find the contact details in the “Contact” Section.

Upon requesting for a service via your user account (free to setup, but requires authentication from the SLCORSnet) and once the payment confirmation details are sent to the SLCORSnet admin, please allow 28 hours (2 working Days) for your account to be activated for the required period. Please make sure to send the payment confirmation information (Bank deposit Slip) to SLCORSnet admin and then confirm the receipt of the same with SLCORSnet admin via phone call.

Account Details

Account Name : Surveyor General
Account No : 119-1-001-0-9027253
Bank : Peoples Bank, Narahenpita Branch

Please make sure to fax the payment slip to 011 2055971 after the payment has been made.

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