Using the GNWEB Online RINEX delivery Service;

Step 1:Once you have successfully created a user account in SLCORSnet user portal and have purchased the required licenses, you may log in to your user account. Once logged in, you will be presented with a gateway page to all SLCORSnet services as below;


If you have purchased the GNWEB service, the said service will be activated automatically for you and access will be granted (see highlighted service in above image). All further user authentications (if required) to any service within SLCORSnet will be with the same username and password credentials.  

Step 2: Once you click on GNWEB service, the below screen will be presented; / 

  • On the top left corner, you are able to select the file generation method from RINEX or Virtual RINEX.
  • If RINEX is selected, you are able to choose any physical reference station/stations from the list on the left or by clicking on a station in the map as shown below;


  • Alternatively you may click on ‘select’ button at the bottom and place the red circle (with a red dot in the middle) that appears on the map anywhere within the network. Also, you may type in the required coordinate in the space provided at the bottom and the circle will be automatically placed on the map. Once placed, it is possible to increase or decrease the size of this circle as shown below.


  • When you change the size of the circle, you change the physical reference stations (quantity) from which the RINEX file will be created. If the circle is larger, it will increase the number of physical reference stations from which the system will use raw data to generate the RINEX file. The radius of the circle can also be input in KMs at the bottom of this page.
  • Alternatively, you may also use the Virtual RINEX mode to create a RINEX file for any point with in the network. Virtual RINEX files are generated from the SSR database within the network. Once virtual RINEX mode is selected from the top left corner, you may click the ‘select’ button as before or type in the required coordinate in space provided at the bottom. Also enter the required ellipsoidal height of the virtual RINEX point at the bottom of this page next to the coordinates. A red triangle with a red dot in the middle will appear as shown below.

/  Step 3: Once selected, click NEXT at the bottom and your choice will be prompted as below. /  Step 4: Then you will be prompted to select the date and time for the required RINEX generation and the raw data logging interval as below; /  Step 5 : The GNWEB service will then indicate the availability of raw data for the requested coordinate point as shown below and you may choose according to your requirement. Then click ‘NEXT’; /  Step 6: Choose the data format and compression method; /  Step 7: Put in your own project name for the set of data. This project name needs to be unique, the project name will become the name of the zip file containing the data, and the name of the data files is constructed of the name of the station and the GPS day number. Use the same user name and password as your main login. Then click ‘NEXT’; /  Step 8: The window will show the status of the current project as shown below. Click ‘Refresh’ from time to time to see whether the project is completed. When the project is ready to download, the status will appear as ‘Ready’. Even if you close the screen at this instant, the project will run in the SLCORSnet servers and the project will be ready when you log back on later. /  Step 9: When the project is giving ’Ready’ status, you may click on ‘Download Now’. The files will be downloaded as .zip files to your computer as shown below. Please make sure to disable any download blockers within the browser and in your computer to allow a successful download process; /

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