Welcome to Sri Lanka Continuously Operating Reference Station Network.(SLCORSnet)

The SLCORSnet comprises of physical GNSS reference stations at remote designated locations that transmit the collected GNSS raw data live to the Control Centre based in Colombo at the Survey Generals Office. This raw data is processed using a GNSS network processing software housed at the Control Centre which then will be transmitted to the users in the field over the internet based on their geographic location in the form of RTCM corrections. Online delivery of RINEX raw data and online post-processing services are provided as real-time web services from the SLCORSnet. Once, registered under SLCORSnet and once you have purchased these services, you are allowed to use these services freely during the subscription period.

SLCORSnet Services

Realtime Services

SLCORSnet is capable of providing all available real-time correction techniques using state of the art software solution from GEO++ GmbH that is independent of all hardware manufacturers.

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GNWEB Services

SLCORSnet Geo++® GNWEB is an internet client application for the online provision of RINEX & Virtual RINEX from the SLCORSnet reference station network.

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SSRPOST Services

SLCORSnet Geo++® SSRPOST is a unique service provided by SLCORSnet for fully autonomous post-processing of GNSS raw data round the clock through a web service.

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